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B2G Zone

OCE will be premiering the Business-to-Government initiative (B2G) at Discovery 2017. B2G will create an opportunity for high-growth technology companies to build awareness of their products or services directly with the public sector potentially fostering business opportunities and partnerships. B2G invites companies to participate in a series of 10-minute, one-on-one meetings with targeted government representatives to showcase solutions and demonstrate the importance of support to their sector.

The B2G program is modeled after a highly successful Business-to-Business (B2B) program introduced at Discovery 2016, which led to 77 companies establishing new business relationships with larger companies across various sectors.

The B2G Zone is now full and is no longer taking applications.

For any questions regarding B2G, please contact:

Durka Kumarathasan
Project Coordinator, Discovery
Tel: 416 861-1092 x 1203