• What kind of event is Discovery?
    Discovery is Canada’s leading innovation-to-commercialization conference. Hosted by Ontario Centres of Excellence, Discovery brings together key players from industry, academia, government, the investment community as well as entrepreneurs and students.

  • What can I expect at the event?
    You can expect to see 200,000 square feet of exhibits showcasing what’s next in Ontario – A showcase of cutting-edge technologies, Ontario-based companies, academic institutions, student competitions, keynote speakers and panel discussions. Topic themes include panels on entrepreneurship and what’s next in energy, water, advanced health, digital media, 5G, mobile technology, mining, aerospace, connected vehicles, agri-food, information and communication technology and advanced manufacturing.

  • What will I get out of attending Discovery?
    Discovery offers attendees the opportunity to network, collaborate, pursue partnerships and create opportunities for business growth and commercialization. Attendees can also listen and learn from global thought leaders through various workshops, mentoring sessions, keynote presentations and panel discussions.

  • Can anybody attend Discovery?
    The only restriction on attending Discovery is age; you must be 16 or older to attend.

  • What are the event hours?
    Day 1:
    Opening remarks begin at 1 pm. Show floor opens at 3:00 pm. Show closes at 7 pm.
    Day 2:
    Registration desk opens at 7:30 am. Show floor opens at 9 am. Show closes at 5:30 pm.

  • What are the registration desk hours?
    The registration desk opens at 7:30 a.m. both days and runs through the entire first day.

  • Can someone else pick up my badge for me at the registration desk?
    We prefer individuals pick up their own badge. However, if you have a conflict that can’t be resolved, please contact us.

  • How many passes are included with a booth purchase?
    Passes are issued per single (10 ft. x 10 ft.) booth. For full details, please refer to our registration page.

  • How do I find out where my booth is located?
    You will be notified via email closer to the event date.

  • Can booth staff switch passes?
    Yes, however you will be required to return the first pass before a second one is issued. Arrangements must be made ahead of time by contacting oceexhibitors@andlogistix.com.

  • How do I qualify for the student rate?
    You must be enrolled in an academic institution and have a valid student ID card.

  • I’m an international student visiting Canada; can I attend Discovery as a student without a student ID?
    You will be required to show proof of enrollment.

  • Can I get a discounted rate if I only attend one of the two days?
    Please contact us to discuss.

  • Can I get a discounted rate if I only want to go to Discovery for a particular block of time?
    Please contact us to discuss.

  • Can I share one pass between two people, if both register and only one person attends at a time (i.e. one person attends Day 1 and the other attends Day 2)?
    Yes, however before the second pass is issued the first pass must be returned to the registration desk. Arrangements must be made ahead of time by contacting ocediscovery@andlogistix.com.

  • I know someone who registered for Discovery but can no longer attend; can I register under their pass?
    Yes, passes are transferable. Arrangements must be made ahead of time by contacting ocediscovery@andlogistix.com.

  • Is food provided with the cost of admission?
    Registration includes access to the opening night reception and a sit down lunch on day two. A concession stand will be open throughout the event if you wish to purchase additional food.

  • Will Wi-Fi be available at the event?
    Yes. Instructions on how to access the Wi-Fi connection will be provided at the event. Information on dedicated wi-fi for exhibitors is available in the exhibitors’ handbook.

  • What is the dress code for the event?
    The dress code is business casual.

  • Will there be an attendee list posted on the website?
    Registered attendees of Discovery will have access to attendee information. Exhibitor and presenter information are listed publicly on our website.